Quit Past Tense

The past tense of the word Quit is Quit or Quitted. There are three forms of any verb according to English Grammer. Some words are transformed in past and past participle by adding additional words or letters such as d, ed and so on.

Quit Past Tense

But some words may be unchanged after changing the tense form. All of the words form of Quit and parts of speech are given below.

Present form: Quit.

Past form: Quit or Quitted.

Present Participle form: Quitting.

Present Indefinite Tense: He quits / I quit.

Present Continuous Tense: He is quitting.

Present Perfect Tense: He has quit/quitted.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense: He has been quitting.

Past Indefinite Tense: He quit/quitted.

Past Continuous Tense: He was quitting.

Past Perfect Tense: He had quitted/quit.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense: He had been quitting.

Future Indefinite Tense: He will quit.

Future Continuous Tense: I will be quitting.

Future Perfect Tense: I will have quit/quitted.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense: He will have been quitting.

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