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Alljobs Teletalk Premium Membership: The unemployed have to spend a lot more to fill the Govt Job Application forms. However, in private jobs, one-click can apply through BD Jobs. But till now, there had to be separate applications for government jobs. This increased the cost and increased manifold, just as time and trouble were high.

But in recent times, Teletalk Bangladesh has arranged applications for all government jobs with one click on its official website as Alljobs Teletalk Premium Membership. For this, you have to go to teletalk’s official website and register and fill the CV.

Once the job candidate’s photo signature and all the stories are edited, it will be possible to apply to any government job with one click in a jiffy. 

At the same time, the same teletalk website like BDJobs will see the recruitment notice of all government jobs currently running in the form of a list. 

However, to apply with one click, you need to be a premium member of Teletalk, which teletalk will charge you TK. 20 at a time. 

Registration Proccess

First, you need to go to alljobs Teletalk website and register with your email and password for Alljobs Teletalk Premium Membership. Then you have to complete all the details with the picture. 

>>>রেজিস্ট্রেশন লিংক: এখানে<<<

  • If you want to join government service in just 01 minutes, Alljobs will have to be Premium Member. The member fee is only Tk. 20.

Payment Method

Once all your information is filled in, you will be provided with a user ID from the link below. Using that user ID, one-time TK.Rs 20 has to be paid through Teletalk SIM through the following SMS format. 

1st SMS Format: ALLJOBS space QJJMMKII8Q and send SMS to 16222 [উদাহরণস্বরূপ : ALLJOBS QJJMMKII8Q].

1st SMS Reply: Ruhul Amin, Tk. 20 will be charged for Premium Member. Your PIN is ********. To pay fee, Type ALLJOBS YES ********

2nd SMS Format: ALLJOBS space YES space PIN and send SMS to 16222 [উদাহরণস্বরূপ: ALLJOBS YES ********].

2nd SMS Reply: Congratulations! Ruhul Amin, You are now a Premium Member and will get all the opportunities of Premium Member as stated above. Your Tracking ID(QJJMMKII8Q) & Password(***********)

After paying the money, you will get a user ID and password which will be useful in applying with one click.

Alljobs Teletalk Premium Membership

All your detailed information will be automatically filled out when you click the next button by installing your user ID in the place shown below while applying.

If you want to know anything, definitely don’t forget to ask us in the comment.

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