106th Prize Bond Draw 2022

The 106th Prize bond Draw 2022 was published under Bangladesh Bank. A Bangladesh bank release released the list of names of those who won the prize bond results. Follow the attachment below to see if you are on this lucky list.

What is Prize Bond?

Prize bonds are a type of lottery controlled by the Bangladesh Bank. Since 1972, prize bonds have been released regularly every year. A person can buy as many prize bonds as he wants. Equal amounts of prize bonds can be collected for money from any government bank in Bangladesh. Later, when the results of this prize bond were published, attractive prizes were given to those who won.

If you have not won the prize bond result, you can withdraw the same amount by returning the prize bond to any government bank. But your prize bond must be intact for this. 

How is Prize Bond Draw 2022 given?

If you’re lucky, you can be the first winner of this lottery called Prizebond. However, the results of prize bonds are awarded many awards.

What is given as prize bond award?

The results of prize bonds are published by Bangladesh on January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31 every year. Nearly three thousand rewards are given for each result. Follow the attachment below to see details about the prize. 

Prize Bond Draw 2022

সকল সরকারি ছুটির তালিকা ২০২২

How to get prizebond money?

If you have won any prize bond result, it must be reported to any bank in Bangladesh. If informed by the bank, they will provide you with a form to fill in. I’ll fill out the form and within two months you’ll get your prize money through the bank. But remember that the Government of Bangladesh will have to pay 20% tax on the amount of reward you get. 

If you have more to know about prize bonds, you can comment to us.

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